Competition Entry – ULTRATECH VILLAGE 2047

This is an entry for the Competition of Ultratech Village Next 2047.

The brief called for designing an economical basic housing unit for rural India under the guidelines of PMAY. The aim is to upgrade the lifestyle of the poor landless & to make them sustainable developments and a vibrant model by 2047, 100 years after our independence. A real village in Palwal Distt. (Haryana), was studied & chosen for the design.

THE CONCEPT: The proposed house design draws from the lifestyle of the villagers and tries to improve the existing house design type while providing more aesthetic, hygienic, & efficient living spaces. The lifestyle of the villagers involves a lot of household tasks being performed in open to sky spaces where the court is the heart of the house. Though winds of change are sweeping the village from the urban areas adjoining it, the mental outlook of the village is still marginally feudal with the women covering their face in front of village men. Security from intruders is also a major concern. Hence, the design provides for :

1) Semi Public space (baithak ) is provided at the entrance for entertaining village people. Private spaces for family are provided at rear of plot.

2) An Independent access to the house is provided to enable the family dwellers to come to the court and other private area without passing through the drawing room (Baithak).

3) Threshold areas from the public realm to private realm in terms of
i) Front platform (Otla) (Semipublic space) which celebrates the entrance of the house and
allows neighbourhood interactions.
ii) Internal open to sky court (semi private space) for various household tasks and relaxation of family members.

4) Separate toilet unit placed away from entrance for aesthetic and cultural sensibilities.
5) Well ventilated rooms with natural lighting
6) Brick loadbearing structure (Availability of brick kilns in the vicinity)
7) RCC roofs instead of girders and red stone to provide for additions & expansion on the first floor.
8) Incremental addition on the ground and first floor as per the requirement or affordability of the house owner.
9) Possibility of adaption to multi family dwelling (two separate units on ground and first floor to provide for rental income/ floor wise( registration) if the needs of householder are limited.

The proposed prototype house is built on plot area measuring 42.73 sq.m with a built area of 28.5sq. m+ 4.16 sq. m for toilet and costing Rs. 3,00,000/- unit. The plan also allows for replication and/or development into a cluster to make a neighbourhood and give a sense of identity and ownership to the residents at any Greenfield / plain site allotted for the same.



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