About Artech

Artech Consultants was established in 1993. Artech as the name suggests is a fusion of Art and Technology Since then we have been committed to meet the design and programme needs of our valued clients. Our service goals always balance aesthetic, economy, technology, function and the environment.

Our combined skills (Ar. Anupma Bajaj) in architecture and interior design together with (Er. Sushil K. Bajaj) in design engineering and project management enable us to ensure that high quality & functional structures are delivered on time and within budget.

Our design philosophy is guided by a thorough professional approach contributing to our success….for, designing to us starts where it ends for most. To us, design is not merely solving complex spatial matrices but to ensure a convivial ambience for the dweller. We accommodate the appropriate new technologies to achieve this and still make a ‘statement’ that provides a “happiness quotient” which satisfies his physical and mental well being and his emotional aspirations. This creates a feeling of harmony where everything is perfect and nothing seems out of place.

Besides our sensitivity to designing skills, we are well aware of the economic and political climate of our changing world and are able to manage the logistics of communication and travel, know when to involve local staff, understand national and international business practices and are culturally sensitive.

Architecture and engineering is an endeavour to create sustainable built environment in harmony with nature.

Architecture is designing spaces, both built and UN-built , that lift the spirit from mundane to enrich and enhance the living experiences leaving a minimum footprint on the natural ecosystem.

Vision, Mission & Values


To create a world class Architecture and Engineering firm.


Persistence, Hard work and quality breeds success.

Quality Policy

Adding Value to our customers, our firm and our employees.


  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Loyalty & Integrity
  • Self Respect
  • Employees Dignity
  • Professional Ethics
  • Technical Excellence.