A Project of PP Steels completed by Artech Consultants in 2023

Talk with Mr.S.N.Sachdev Retd IAS officer for whom we built a house in DLF-1,Gurgaon.

Talk with Mrs Singhal of Faridabad from the industrial family of M/S.Sadhu forging for who we did interior work of her house.

Talk with Mr. Sarna & his family from Faridabad for whom we remodelled his old existing house.

“Sushil ji is one of the most selfless & hardworking entrepreneur I ever came across in the field of civil engineering and project management. His contribution to the professionals is priceless and his is actually working forward to unite all the professionals.  His insight is civil detailing to the greatest achievable depths.

He possesses excellent communication skills sprinkled with humour. I look forward to mutual collaboration in near future.”

(April 26, 2010)1st Manuj Sharma, Owner, 3D Architects worked indirectly for Sushil at Sushil Bajaj & associates.

“Creativity and eye-for-detail have been the hallmark of Sushil’s work. His expertise and simplicity has created memorable additions to our home and an ever-lasting friendship. Strongly recommended for well-engineered, creatively designed aesthetic and functional architectural projects.” September 17, 2010.

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
1st Ashwini-K Aggarwal (aggarwal.ashwini@gmail.com),
hired Sushil as a Architect in 1989, and hired Sushil more than once

“Sushil is an example of civil engineering simplified. His common sense approach to design and construction practices for both residential and commercial structures works wonders in bringing the aesthetics to the fore, while still maintaining the practicality of the use and maintenance very intact.

A very innovative and creative person with an eye for details.” January 16, 2011

Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative
1st Rajiv Kotibhaskar,
hired Sushil as a Civil Engineering, Architecting & Construction Management in 2005, and hired Sushil more than once.