Designs of ceramic ROOF TILES to suits your style.

Roof Tiles Roof is the necessary part of every building. A roof tile conceived to satisfy the needs and preferences of building. To give pretty stylish look to roof with quality materials we always consider following points with ceramics roof tiles. Which helps in creating a reputation for achieving the highest quality, colours and finishes of any ceramic tile in the Indian buildings.

1.Vast range of colours and profiles
Ceramic tiles are produced using a high firing process that binds the colour applied to the tiles surface.

2.Exceptional sound insulation
Rooftop tiles lessen outer clamor by up to 25 decibels which is more than double the commotion decrease accomplished by other usually utilized roofing materials.

3.Rust and corrosion free

Roof tiles are rust and corrosion resistant which means they are suitable for installation in even the harshest coastal environments.

4. Fire resistant
Roof tiles are ideal for use in bush fire areas because they are non combustible.

5. Low in embodied energy
Testing shows that ceramic roof tiles are lower in embodied energy than a number of competing roofing products.

6. Reduces cooling requirements
Testing of comparably shaded material items shows that ceramic  rooftop tiles can reflect more warmth away from your home bringing about lower cooling necessities.

7. Warranty
When you Design with Artech Consultant  you build with confidence knowing that your roof is provided with Warranty.

8.Strong and durable

Ceramic rooftop tiles must conform to exacting quality gauges and are really more grounded than standard solid rooftop tiles.

9.Safe to drink
Water collected from a tiled roof is as safe to drink as water collected off most roofing materials.

10. Re-usable and recyclable
Earthenware rooftop tiles can be reused by moving them from one rooftop and introducing them on another home without the requirement for further preparing before re establishment.

11. Repair and replacement
Since a tiled rooftop is made out of countless little pieces, harmed tiles can be evacuated and supplanted and replaced with relative ease.

We Design as per requirements of style & Ensure quality at top position

  • Innovative, sharp lines
  • functionality and style
  • sleek, refined style
  • classic Indian style
  • Stylish and revolutionary interlocking design
  • that last forever