Wooden floor- an aesthetic solution for your dream room.
Wooden Flooring for you, Recommendations by Architects in Faridabad, Delhi NCR India

Wooden Flooring for you, Recommendations by Architects in Faridabad, Delhi NCR India

Architects in Faridabad, Delhi NCR India
Wood Floors comes with a warm wooden finish that gives your home a serene, inviting look. The natural wood design gives the floor a very earthy look and the specially engineered makes the floor sturdy, resistant to scratches, stains and water spills and lends it durability. If you are looking for something contemporary and cozy ARTECH Consultant, Architecture Company from Faridabad will design for you which tick both the boxes. The wide variety of colours and texture coupled with unique surface designs and precision craftsmanship give the entire flooring range a touch of class. We ensure following with wooden flooring.

Easy To Install

Installation can be completed with no time just snap the planks together and it’s done.

Seamless Layout

Our Linking Design & Technology used leaves no annoying gaps or crevices, leaving you with a level. Beautiful-looking floor. There just won’t be any place for dirt and dust accumulate.

Anti Wrap

We use material with top layer on wood Floors is resistant to heat and temperature changes, there won’t be any uncharacteristic bending or twisting of wooden planks. Your floor will always stay solid and level.

Easily Removable /Changeable / Re install able

Switching floors just involve removing the planks and installing them elsewhere. Carry your floors with you anytime, anywhere.

The three steps to choose wooden flooring

  1. Choose Your Design
    a. ALL Over Design

A Distinct collection of floor designs of exotic wood grains in every single tile format. This flooring style leaves you with an open and unfettered look.

b. PLANKED Design

Unique flooring collection with a handcrafted appeal. Each wooden tile is put together in an array of 2-3 slim tiles, interspersed with grains and crown, creating a rich and intricate canvas of natural wood

  1. Choose Your Texture
  2. Choose your Grade

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