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Brick is a basic building unit which is in the form of rectangular block. There are literally thousands of different bricks, but they can be broken down into a handful of basic types. The vast majority are made from clay and are kiln-fired. The most critical consideration when designing a freestanding wall is to make sure that it is adequate to resist severe gusts of wind. we’re proud to offer the widest range of bricks solutions in our designs, with different colours, textures, styles and shapes to choose from, we’re confident that you’ll find the right brick for your project. Facing Bricks used for Quality, durability with an attractive appearance for external use


Exterior/interior brickwork


Residential, commercial, industrial, cultural


Soft molded, contributes to good indoor climate, durable, environmentally friendly

Advantages of Brick Construction Top Architect Facing Bricks Designs

There are many advantages when bricks are used as part of the construction.

  • Aesthetic: Bricks offer natural and a variety of colors, including various textures.
  • Strength: Bricks offer excellent high compressive strength.
  • Porosity: The ability to release and absorb moisture is one of the most important and useful properties of bricks, regulating temperatures and humidity inside structures.
  • Fire protection: When prepared properly, a brick structure can give a fire protection maximum rating of 6 hours.
  • Sound attenuation: The brick sound insulation is normally 45 decibels for a 4.5 inches brick thickness and 50 decibels for a 9-inch thick brick.Best Architect Faridabad
  • Insulation: Bricks can exhibit above normal thermal insulation when compared to other building materials. Bricks can help regulate and maintain constant interior temperatures of a structure due to their ability to absorb and slowly release heat. In this way, bricks can produce significant energy savings—more than 30 percent when compared to wood construction.
  • Wear-resistance: A brick is so strong that its composition provides excellent wear resistance when compared to wood.


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